Create Share-Worthy Blog Post Graphics FASTER in Photoshop

How to use Photoshop Artboard Trick to create blog post graphics faster

I’ve seen a lot of articles on how to create graphics in Illustrator and Canva, but not many on Photoshop. Keep reading to discover why I’m team Photoshop….

You’ve worked so hard to write your blog post, now it’s time to share it with the world.

But taking the time to create those graphics that will get your post the readers it deserves is a lot of work. And to create ones that actually look good….Do you find yourself putting off this task with each new post? Or settling for an image you grabbed off Google with just a link to your post?

Don’t worry...I’m here to help you out!

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have a copy of Photoshop, which can be easily purchased on its own (without requiring you sign up for the entire Creative Cloud, the rest of Adobe’s creative programs).

I’ve learned one fast, incredible secret on how to automate your blog post graphic-creating process. And I’m way excited to share it with you!

But first…

Let’s do a quick 101 on what even makes a blog post graphic share-worthy.

(There are so, so many great resources on how to create awesome post graphics, one of them being this one: My goal for this post isn’t to go into depth on this, but just to give you a few basic pointers before diving into the how-to’s of Photoshop.)

Share-worthy tip #1: Use consistent branding.

Use your brand colors, fonts, graphics, or imagery so that your blog posts feel like they come from you!

You’ll notice that all my post graphics use the same colors, fonts, and images that are on my site.

You want to show the world a consistent face with each post graphic so they instantly recognize your brand (and go, “oh my gosh, that’s so-and-so’s blog, I love her stuff!”).

It’s okay—and actually even encouraged—to do some A/B testing with a few different designs to see which one gets more response: just keep your branding consistent among them all!

Share-worthy tip #2: Craft a catchy headline.

Readers will click on a post graphic only if the headline grabs their attention. Headlines that speak to your audience’s goals or desires will perform better than generic, you-centered ones!

For example, when I was starting to write this post, my original headline was going to be “How I Use Photoshop to Create Blog Post Graphics.” I’ll bet you fell asleep halfway through that title, right?

But I thought it through a little bit more and settled on: “Create Share-Worthy Blog Post Graphics FASTER in Photoshop.”

As a reader, I’m thinking, I want share-worthy posts. I want to save time. I’m all, Ooh, maybe I could be saving more time and creating better blog posts...let me see what this post has to say.

Just don’t be clickbait. You’ll notice in my headline, I didn’t promise you how to create viral blog posts. I can’t promise that your posts will go viral—I wish I could! I am promising you will learn to create great graphics faster—and here’s where I’m going to deliver on that promise!

Enough of the 101. Let’s get to the good stuff!

1. Create your new Photoshop file.

Set your dimensions in pixels (what dimensions should my graphics be? Great question—I suggest you check out this great info here:

I’m weird and set my ppi to 150 instead of the standard 72. I just want to make sure my posts look as crisp as possible. Make sure you’re also working in RGB mode as well.

See that little check box called "Artboards" next to the Orientation options? Yeah, check that.

Create Share-Worthy Blog Post Graphics FASTER in Photoshop - Create Your New File


Voilà — your first artboard!

Whaaaaat? Photoshop has artboards?!

In 2015, Photoshop released its new artboard functionality, which is a total game-changer, saving creatives everywhere countless hours, headaches, banging-head-on-desktop’s….

2. Name your artboard.

This is super important! Double-click on the name of your artboard in the Layers panel to give it a new name.

Make sure to add “.jpg” to the name of this artboard (or whatever format you’d like to use). You’ll see why in a moment.

In the example below, I’ve named my artboard “18JUNE001_BLOG_POST.jpg”.

Create Share-Worthy Blog Post Graphics FASTER in Photoshop - Name Your Artboard


3. Create more artboards.

Here’s the beauty of Photoshop artboards: you can create all your graphics in this one file!

Create any new artboards using the Artboard Tool, like we did for the first one.

These new artboards can be at any size you’d like—meaning you can have your post graphics sized for multiple platforms, all still in the same master file.

Or duplicate an existing artboard to create one just like it instantly:

In your workspace, you’ll see the name of each artboard directly above it. Single-click on the name of the artboard you want to duplicate, and you’ll see little plus signs on each side. Hold down option while clicking on any of those arrows, and your duplicate artboard will appear to that side!

Rename this new artboard in your Layers panel (don’t forget your “.jpg” extension) and remove the “copy” that appears at the end of the auto-generated name.

Create Share-Worthy Blog Post Graphics FASTER in Photoshop - Duplicate Artboards

This duplication ability is super helpful for creating blog post graphics that all have the same look to them. You’ll see in my own file below how I utilize this amazing feature and then change out the text and a few colors on each new post I create, as well as have my Facebook-sized post graphics in here as well.

Create Share-Worthy Blog Post Graphics FASTER in Photoshop - My Artboards


4. Generate your image assets.

Get excited, y’all. Once you’ve got all your graphics lookin’ pretty, here’s where the magic happens!

Make sure you’ve saved your work, and then head to File > Generate > Image Assets.

Create Share-Worthy Blog Post Graphics FASTER in Photoshop - Generate Image Assets

You’ll notice that in Finder (if you’re on a Mac) or wherever you’ve saved that Photoshop file, a new folder will appear next to it with the same name and an “-assets” extension.

Inside this folder will be a .jpg of each one of your artboards.

*mind blown*

These .jpgs are final, finished, ready to rock and roll!

The beauty of this trick is that whenever you make any changes to your Photoshop file, just save it again and those image assets will re-generate, giving you those updated .jpgs instantly.

Bonus hack: if you want to optimize those .jpgs further, say downsizing them a tad, change the extension at the end of the Artboard name in the Layers panel to “.jpg80%” (or whatever percentage you’d like the .jpg to be of the original size). Not having a space between “.jpg” and “80%” is important.

Boom. Done.

I love using this secret Photoshop process to create my graphics because duplicating art to create similar post graphics is so easy and saving out those .jpgs just happens instantly. Not having to go through a File > Export for each individual graphic saves me soooo much time—not to mention if I make any changes after saving them out!

How excited are you to learn this blog post graphic hack?! I sure am! Let me know in the comments below!