Just Launched! Winter Garden Runners Brand Design

Winter Garden Runners Brand Design Logo Design Launch

I love seeing my clients get excited about their new branding!

Winter Garden Runners recently launched their rebrand, and I'm excited that now I can share it with all of you, too!

Keep reading to see the case study and strategy behind this fun, bold brand design!

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How fun is this pattern design?! The clock tower is an icon in the city of Winter Garden and is the meeting place for these runners. Oranges and a sun round out the Florida-fun feel!


Winter Garden Runners is a vibrant, social community of runners of all ages who love the support and accountability they find there. Those who are beginning in their running journey can find accountability to keep up with their progress and security by running with other individuals in the early hours of the morning.


This community was seeking a visual rebrand that would continue to unite its tribe. While their previous logo had served this laid-back, friendly group adequately in the past, a full rebrand put into visuals the incredible community that they already were—and gave their members a life-changing mission to unite around and invite others into.


My strategy for the rebrand focused heavily on the audience’s deep needs and motivators.

Since the audience of Winter Garden Runners is so diverse, I couldn’t draw on the characteristics and motivations of a single demographic to understand the audience’s core needs. Instead, I looked at a universal motivator:

I run so I can live my healthiest life.

While social connection, accountability, and security are what the audience looks for in a running community, these don’t uncover the deeper reason why they run.

These are merely the external problem and internal frustrations that the audience feels (I need to find others to run with so I can keep up with my goals). Digging down to discover that deep motivator reveals our brand strategy: A strong, bold brand that communicates this is a solid, energetic, unified group which you can “be a part of” [speaking to the external problem] and where you can be held accountable to achieving your healthiest self [universal motivator].

Studies have shown that nearly 80% of Americans run because they strive to be healthy or stay in shape.* Relieving stress and having fun are other top motivations.


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