Does your logo, website, or overall brand identity need a little love?

A brand consultation is the perfect way to learn more about the basics of good branding – applied directly to your business! 

Expert review of your existing brand, personalized insights, and instant action steps tailored to YOUR unique needs – all within a 45-minute session.

Author Brand Studio branding agency brand design logo design web design graphic design for small medium size business


  • Website audit*

  • Social media profile(s) audit*

  • Branding audit

    • Design, logo, messaging, copywriting, positioning/strategy

  • My professional, personal-to-you tips on action steps you can take to immediately level up your branding!

  • Discounted rate for future consultation sessions

  • Recap email including action steps and any relevant resources or links

*if your business has these platforms

$50/45min session




8 years professional experience in graphic design and project management – including work for Disney where I supported internal training, leadership development, and private corporate events for internationally-renowned companies (often working alongside their upper management). My roles required me to collaborate with internal and external senior leaders, represent my team in planning meetings, advise on creative direction and production processes, and ensure designs were consistent, holistic, and “Disney-standard” quality. I also have experience working for an award-winning advertising agency where I oversaw design and production processes and witnessed what it takes to build and maintain major national brands. I don’t pretend to know everything and while my experience has its limitations – as everyone’s does! – I’ve been around the block a time or two.

I don’t have a brand yet. Would I get anything out of this?

Absolutely! In fact, a branding consultation is the perfect way to start positioning your business as a brand no matter what stage you’re at. We can talk about your positioning and messaging and some branding strategies to keep in mind when you’re ready to invest in a brand design down the road.

Okay, Amy, let’s be honest here. Is this just a sales pitch for your branding services?

If so, I will fail miserably because I hate sales pitches. I will always be honest and give you the advice you need, whether it points back to my services or not. This consultation is about YOU and what is best for your business. I may offer my services if I feel it would be beneficial but I will never force you to sit through a sales pitch!

What are your payment terms?

Full payment is due 24 hours before our session. I issue your invoice within 48 hours of booking and more than 24 hours before our session (to allow you time to review and pay). Invoices will be sent through Bonsai, my backend system, which accepts secure payments either through bank transfer or credit/debit card. I am not able to accept payment through Venmo or PayPal at this time. Sessions not paid for in advance will be cancelled.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

No problem! You will have the ability to do so through the Calendly confirmation email you initially received. I kindly ask that you cancel or reschedule more than 48 hours in advance.

Do you offer refunds on cancelled sessions if I’ve already paid?

Only sessions that are cancelled more than 24 hours in advance can be refunded.

How can I make the most out of our session?

Send me your website and social media pages/accounts when you sign up for your session so I can review and prepare. Think ahead about what questions you’d like to ask me and have those handy! Finally, be prepared to share your long-term business goals so I can best advise how to steer and grow your brand in that direction.