Do you apologize or fumble with embarrassed excuses for the way your logo or website looks? Do you experience “brand shame”: the feeling that you know how you want your brand to be but you just can’t get it to look that way?

Or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and know the marketing and branding strategies you should be doing, but you just don’t have the knack (or time) to actualize them yourself...and the other designers you’ve hired in the past haven’t done it right.

That’s where we come in.

we help businesses make their message clear and their values clearer through strategic brand design.

Your customers and clients don’t value your business’ stats, your impressive resumé, or even your trendy Instagram feed nearly as much as they value how they feel about your brand.

Your brand needs to identify what makes your business unique, share why you do what you do, and tell your audience that you’re passionate about the same things they are.

We combine strategy with storytelling, communication with creativity, and thinking with feeling to provide our clients an authentic brand identity that sets them up for future success.

Increased fundraising, a passionately united audience base, maximized brand exposure, and professional design that reflects quality are just a few of the results our clients have achieved.

Amy Kuo brand design web design creative logo design winter garden orlando

amy kuo
creative director + co-owner

With over 7 years of professional design experience, Amy brings a unique blend of skills in award-winning graphic design, web design, project management, print production, and copywriting to the Author team. From higher education marketing to Disney to advertising, her diverse background equips her to serve clients with equal parts creativity and competency. She is uniquely gifted at translating emotions into words and visuals, crafting brand identities that serve business strategies as well as resonate deeply. Amy enjoys dip-pen calligraphy, old movies, yoga, whatever latest creative hobby she’s into this month, and recording their Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Winston’s, adventures on Instagram (@winstonfluffybutt, in case anyone was curious).

Michael Kuo brand design web design creative logo design winter garden orlando

michael kuo
business development manager + co-owner

Michael is the thinker, the strategist, and the business manager behind Author. His 10 years experience in customer relations, sourcing, negotiating, and planning are balanced by the insight to understand our clients’ needs, a heart to serve, and a knack for social connection. He leads the client experience from point of contact to close of project and beyond, helping them dream big, plan ahead, and be equipped for future success. Michael’s rare down-time involves adding to his photography portfolio, working on home DIY projects, writing and playing music, and enjoying the outdoors with disc golf.