Do you ever think:

Why isn’t my business growing as fast as I’d like?
How can I start charging more for my products or services? 
How do I make my business stand out in a crowded market?
Why isn’t my website getting more traffic and converting more sales?

If your business isn’t making a good first (or second, or third, or sixth) impression, then all the social media secrets, marketing tips, or promotions in the world won’t answer these questions.

Your brand tells your audience how they should feel about your business. 

It needs to point out what makes your business unique and why you do what you do, and then tell your audience that you’re passionate about the same things they are.

It needs to resonate emotionally by telling them you offer something amazing that will solve a need they have – and that this amazing thing is worth paying for (because your brand screams quality).

An audience that trusts and connects with your brand becomes loyal, paying customers or clients who can’t wait to do business with you again and again.

If you’re ready for:

  • maximized conversions & sales with a professional logo and website that reflect the quality of service you provide;

  • more time to focus on what you most love to do – both in your business and in your personal life;

  • increased following from an audience that raves about your business; and

  • peace of mind from having the tools and resources needed to communicate your message and values to the right people;

...then let’s talk.


Hey, fellow entrepreneur!

I’m Amy Kuo. I offer consulting and design services that transform businesses into powerful brands. Along with my best friend and husband, Michael – who’s the doer to my dreamer – I love to help fellow go-getters grow their dreams into successful businesses that support their families, goals, and lives.

I learned the art of storytelling and successful branding while working at Disney, where I supported internal training, leadership development, and private corporate events for internationally-renowned companies (often working alongside their upper management).

In 2018, I started Author Brand Studio from a desire to work to live, not the other way around, and empower other entrepreneurs to do the same.


Here’s a few things you should know about me…

I’m a nerd about branding because of the powerful way it connects emotion and strategy

• In my spare time you can find me weightlifting, lettering with dip-pen calligraphy, or watching Friends…again

• I love old movies (Bette Davis is my queen – Now, Voyager, anyone?)

• I’m dog mom to Winston, my adorable Cardigan Welsh Corgi (@winstonfluffybutt, in case anyone was interested….)

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